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Septic TreatmentIt is important to get the septic tank cleaned before the sludge level gets high enough so that any of the solid material at the bottom, or the semi-solid scum at the top can flow out into the drainage field. This will quickly clog the drainage pipes and the soil into which they drain.

Make certain there is live bacteria in your system at all times. The bacteria's job is to digest all organic waste matter in the system. If there is no bacteria in your system it will simply act as a holding tank for your waste. It becomes full, and natural digestion will not occur. That is when the system backs up.

Bacteria are killed off or overrun because of:

  • excessive quantities of detergents, laundry waste, bleach, household chemicals, and caustic drain openers.
  • garbage disposal grinds which substantially increase the accumulation of solids.
  • disposal of items not biodegradable in the system (plastics etc.).
  • disposal of excessive amounts of grease and fats, which are biodegradable but need particular types of bacteria to digest them.
  • disposal of cigarette butts, sanitary napkins which are also biodegradable but are not readily decomposable.
  • too many people using a smaller/inadequate or failing system.


If you have no bacteria in your system and you add enzymes to the system, it simply will not help and your system will still not work. Enzymes are simply a catalyst for bacteria. If there is no bacteria in your system, why use enzymes?

From time to time, you should add "l00% Natural LIVE ADULT BACTERIA" to your system.

Do not add just any kind of bacteria. Call your septic professional. He can add adult live bacteria that are "FACULTATIVE," which will work with or without oxygen.

*Please refer back to where we told you that "Bacterial Action Goes On At The Bottom Of The Septic Tank."

A facultative bacteria is one that would be useful in situations that have air and in situations where there is no air (anaerobic situations). The bottom of the septic tank has no oxygen and therefore needs anaerobic bacteria.

"PRO-PUMP" liquid-live adult bacterial cultures are "facultative" and "anaerobic." To the best of our knowledge, (and we have been producing this strain of "friendly bacteria" for over 21 years) Ecological Laboratories is the only commercial manufacturer of this thiobacillus (purple strain) bacteria today.

This commercial strength facultative bacteria is:

  • non-hazardous, non-caustic, non-pathogenic.
  • 100% natural, it is not genetically engineered or mutated.
    effective aerobically or anaerobically.
  • effective with or without light.
  • effective in an environment of low-to-high acidity and low-to-high alkalinity.
  • a shelf life of 3-5 years.
  • stored in all climactic regions. If frozen it keeps its integrity after thawing out.
  • The bacterial populations have been determined by repetitive plate count to be in excess of 350 million organisms per milliliter.

What makes PRO-PUMP so unique is that the adult bacteria in the jug are dormant and remain that way until it is poured into your system, then these adult live facultative bacteria will immediately revive and begin feeding and reproducing while attacking the organic waste matter in your pipes, septic tanks and leachfields.

PRO-PUMP is authorized for sale in most states. Only four states require additional testing and further approvals. In three of the four states, where further testing was required, PRO-PUMP has been approved. They are:

Washington State Department of Health-approved.
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection-approved.

Hawaii Department of Agriculture-approved.
PRO-PUMP was tested in Hawaii for over two years.
The fourth state, Wisconsin, now has PRO-PUMP under final review.

Local and state regulations

As communities grow more crowded and awareness of the impact of one home upon another, regulatory authorities have begun to pay more attention to proper maintenance of each individual property.

One factor under scrutiny is the septic system. Rather than leave it up to the home owner to decide how often to clean and pump a system, a growing number of municipalities are imposing requirements. In addition, state laws are becoming more stringent. If an existing system fails, or in the building of new homes, some states have begun imposing tighter regulations on the types of systems allowed.

Nationwide about 25% of all homes rely on a septic system. With so many systems in constant use and most of them older models of inferior design, fear has been mounting that improperly maintained systems will pollute ground-water supplies or that the health of ones own family could be jeopardized.

On the local level, some individual communities are starting to enact regulations. Brookfield, CT, for example, passed an ordinance in 1985 requiring the inspection of every home with a septic system, once every four years. On the state level, Connecticut passed legislation in 1989 requiring the replacement of any failed tank with a more sophisticated, more expensive two-compartment tank.

THE BEST WAY TO AVOID major repairs or replacement, or to avoid being fined for operating a substandard system is to call in your local SEPTIC PROFESSIONAL.

  • He / She can coach you on all local laws and regulations.
  • He / She can check out your system.
  • He / She can coach you on the proper maintenance of your system.
  • He / She can supply you with commercial strength PRO-PUMP* and confirm the dosage rates needed to maintain your individual system.
  • He / She can save you money by pumping out your system before it fails.

PLEASE NOTE... Your septic system does have potential health concerns for you and your family. Accidents due to noxious gases have occurred.

Other than the routine maintenance that is described to you by your septic professional, all your additional septic system needs should be discussed with him before you attempt to perform them yourself.


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